Affiliate Programs For Everyone

    Affiliate programs are where a good internet income is at. A common myth is that you have to own a website to participate in these type of money making programs. This is NOT true. These programs simply require you to refer new members and visitors. You receive $5 here, $3 there, and you almost always receive residual income by telling others about the program. There is never a charge to sign up and you can always pick and choose which program you thing will best fit your visitors and/or friends. This affiliate list is dynamic since there are many of these programs coming and going. However, I would have to admit there are more coming than going. Short descriptions are a must, but they should be enough to get a feel for the program. Enjoy these and I wish you excellent revenues. Be sure to check back often. Thank You.

 Money Making Affiliate Programs:

AdBroadcast -- Receive payments from 7 referral levels. 1st=10%, 2nd=7%, 3rd=5%, 4th=2%, 5th=2%, 6th=1%, and 7th=1%. NO CELL PHONE REQUIRED (place your email address in the "Optional Cell e-mail address" box. -- Earn up to 15% of the sale price on individually linked books that you feature on your site and 5% on anything else that is purchased through your links, including CDs, videos, DVDs, toys, consumer electronics, and more.

Ants -- Receive 15% commission for 1st level referrals, 20% for 2nd level, 25% for 3rd level, and 40% for all 4 level referrals.

Ascentive -- Earn at least 50% from the Internet's #1 Affiliate Program! Web Sites are earning as much as $5.00 per click. Join today and you'll lock in the 50% rate. Did I mention it's free? When new affiliate web sites join from your link, you'll enjoy an ongoing bonus--10% of their monthly payouts.

BigWhat -- BigWhat pays you 3 cents per search for visitors you send, and 1 cent for each search performed from the site of any webmaster you refer! US only and minimum payout is at $25. Your even paid for your personal searches performed.

Bravenet -- Recommend new members to the biggest Web Tools provider on the Internet. Register for their brand new affiliate program with a handsome payout of $1.00 per referral. It's free to register and a very useful from a webmaster's viewpoint.

ClickBank -- Refer new merchants and earn $10.00 each and $0.10 every time they make a sale. Refer new resellers and earn $5.00 when they earn $10.00. Plus make $0.05 when they earn $0.10.

Commission Junction -- You have the opportunity to put your web site to work, partnering with over 400 online retailers and receiving commission checks every month for your efforts. Free sign up and high payouts for click-throughs, lead generation, and referrals.

CompuBank -- Receive $10 per new member. Totally secure site and legit company. Excellent program. You must first register for an account and then become an affiliate. Your affiliate status allows for the $10 per referral. Free sign up.

CyberRebate - Receive 7-8% commission on all items. This is truly awesome since 99% of all their products are FREE (after rebate). Check it out, this is real.

Dash - You'll get 5% of the rebates your friends get when they shop with dash. You'll get 4% of their friends rebates, and so on, until the fourth level down, when you get 1% of the rebates. Very strong website and great customer service. No purchase required.

DimeClicks -- Start making $$$ from your website. Sign up and get 17 cents per click and $3 per refferal.

eLance -- Very similar to iMandi. Earn up to $25,000 referring friends. $3 for the first 20 and $1 for the rest up to 3 levels. US ONLY!.

eTour -- Earn points visiting sites and referring new members. Not that impressive of an offer.

FantasticLinks -- Get thousands of visitors to your site for FREE!

Fortunes In Gold -- There is no cost to join Affiliate Program. You will have the opportunity to actually giveaway FREE gold jewelry and receive $1.04 payment for every Gold pendant requested from your website, plus an amazing 15% of the profit of every additional sale. For every Affiliate that signs up in your team, you will receive 5%, on every one of their sales and we will even pay you $0.35 for each FREE pendant they Giveaway. This is a grat money maker.

FirstName -- Receive $0.20 per click-through. Text links, banner links, or pop-up windows are ALL valid. 10 level referral structure. Free membership.

FreeShop-- Just simply one of the best affiliate programs out. Too much to tell, you must see for yourself. Free to join. -- Receive 5% commission on all purchases resulting from your link. In addiiton, earn $4.75 per new member. This applies to up to 100 new members a month. Free to join with no obligations.

Hamster Pay-Per-Click -- Receive $0.10 per click and $0.40 per visitor. Excellent pay-per-click program. Additional commissions for referrals.

HotRate -- Receive $5 for registering as an editor or reviewer. Earn excellent commissions from 5 levels of referrals. To much to explain, just check it out.

iChoose -- Receive a FREE gift for activating your account. Receive an additional $1 for each new member referred. Unlimited referrals.

iGive -- Receive $1 for each referral. Receive an additional $1 each for every member who registers, six levels deep. Referrals must shop within 45 days of joining. Free to join.

iFreedom -- Earn $1 per direct referral and an additional $0.50 per indirect referral. Free to join with no obligations.


LifeMinders -- Earn $1.00 per signup with $50 bonus for referring your first 25 members. Refer webmasters and receive 10% for direct, 6% for 2nd level, 4% for 3rd level, and 2% for your 4th level of referrals.

MailBits Refer-A-Friend -- Receive $0.20 every time someone uses the Refer-A-Friend service. Also, receive a percentage of revenues by referring other users. No obligations and free to use.

NextCard -- Earn $20 per approved application. NO hidden fees or anything, 30 sec approval, and no annual fees. Also recieve $2 per approved application received by your direct referrals. Free sign up.

Obongo -- Earn $3 per new member for up to 667 times. Sign up is free.

One-And-Only Network -- Excellent commissions, paid per click-through, and receive monthly checks for a percentage of your downline's revenues.

PayPal - $5 Per Referral -- Refer your friends and earn up to $10,000. They will give you $5 for each friend or family member (up to 100) that signs up and registers a credit card. It's that easy

Publisher's Pipeline -- Free to join. Refer your friends to the website and earn commissions on each and every item they purchase; not just the first order, but each item in every order they place. This is a true, earn lifetime commissions of between $1 and $5 on each item they order. Very few other websites have such a plan. It's an ideal opportunity for anyone wishing to grow a stable income stream without investment or risk.

SmallBizFFA -- This free program is simply one of the best submission and referral programs. You can submit your website to over 20,000 sites multiple times a day. This usaully generates 10+ visitors a day. You also receive commissions from 5 levels of referrals. Free sign up.

SoftInflulence -- You get free advertisements for every subscriber you refer. A total of 10 referral levels. This is completely free to join.

Suite101 -- Receive $1 to $2 per new member. Free sign up.

XmarkstheSpot -- Earn $3 per referral. Also, you can easily make $25-50, possibly more, in a matter of minutes. Refer your friends and you'll make even more cash!

 Banner Ad & Pay-Per-Click Programs:

AdSearches -- AdSearches is one of the highest, if not the highest paying search affiliate programs on the web. For every individual that performs a search through from your site, you are paid between $.05 and $.07. Every one performs searches, why not get paid for it?

DirectLeads -- Simply excellent!! Real-time tracking, banner rotation technology, short URL's, 2 tier referral bonus program, and 10% of direct referral's revenues. Huge ad selection and a very easy to use program. I strongly recommend this program. It's free to join.

OnResponse -- If you have a website, you can turn it into extra money by giving away free trials, samples, sweepstakes, coupons, catalogs, and a variety of other offers. Join the fastest growing Affiliate Network on the Internet and watch your revenue stream grow! Free sign up.

WebSponsors -- Huge ad banner selection, 15% for referred members revenue, and monthly payments. Sign up is quick, easy, and free.  Do it today and start making consistent monthly revenues for your site.

CyberBounty -- This program offers so many different banners and advertising programs that it was hard to pass up. You can find anything and everythiing your visitors want. Never worry about finding good ads again. Free sign up. Start placing banners and text links in 5 minutes.

LinkShare -- ClickXchange offers webmasters a variety of pay per click, lead, and sale links via their affiliate program network. Refer advertisers and get $10.00 added to your account. Payouts are made by request, monthly by check ($2.00 fee), once the minimum of $10.00USD is earned. They pay 70% of revenues and 5% for referrals. Internationally available.

LinkShare -- High Paying 'Cost Per Action' quality sponsors. Live stats, 3 tier referral program, free to join, no setup costs, and no obligations.

Website Sponsors -- A quality advertising network. Rotates targeted banner ads and buttons on your site. Nice stats reporting and service. You earn up to $0.20/click based on how many clicks you send a month, but will get at least $0.17/click. Also has a referral program to earn more from signing up other website owners. (note: minimum payout outside the USA is $50)

Hamster Pay-Per-Click -- The KING of pay-per-click programs. Receive $0.40 per unique visitor and $0.10 per click-thru. Refer others and receive additional money for their click-throughs.

GoPile -- Brand new paid for keywords search engine. Receive a $10 credit to start your site promotion. In addition, receive 50% of the amount deposited by your referrals for your own promtions. For example, if your referral deposits $50 in their account you receive a $25 credit on your account. This ia available in the US only.

DimeClicks -- DimeClicks shells out $0.17 per unique click and $3 per new referral. Another simple, but very profitable program. Check it out.

Clicks4U -- Get linked to 1000's of sites instantly, get 20% of your downline's credits for 5 levels, get up to $25 per referral, get a free Monster Submission from AAA1Biz, and even get credits for visitors that leave your site.