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   Let's be realistic here Net-friends a majority of revenues generated by personal websites and large portals is through advertising.  High traffic numbers gets a lot of click-throughs and purchases.  That is why several companies now offer Free Internet Access.  

 Companies Offering Free Internet Access:
  • BroadBand Digital Group - Receive high speed internet access through FreeDSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service.  You also get an email account and internet browser tools.
  • iFreedom- You get unlimited internet access, 56k V.90 dial up connect, 12 mb free webspace, free email account, and 50 mb free file storage.
  • Freei - Looks Great! Simple setup. You get free email, free instant messaging, free chat, free 50mb online storage.
  • WorldSpy - Free Internet Access with speeds up to 56K.  Download the software and have free internet access today.
  • FreeWWWeb - Free Internet Access with speeds up to 56K.  Download the software and have free internet access today.
  • BlueLight - BlueLight and Kmart are offering you Totally Free Internet Access.  They also teamed up with Yahoo to give you free email, a personalized home page, instant messenger, chat, etc.
  • Juno - Here is a bare bones Free Internet Access deal.  You get the dial-up access and email.  Download is said to take 20 minutes to download on a 28.8 Kbps modem.
  • NetZero - Unlimited Internet Access, email, and navigational tools.  ZeroPort is their AdBar download which is required for Free Internet Access.

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