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There are many other money making programs that are very appealing. All of the programs listed below are placed here simply becasue they fall into odd or slightly different categories. For instance, there are several paid to listen to music programs and a paid screen saver program. Every one of these programs are just as good as the paid to surf, paid to click, etc. programs, but they're just a little different. I personally recommend many of them because they are easy to use and often times require very little time. Check these odd balls out, they will definitely make you some excellent money. Happy money making.

 Other Get Paid Programs:
  1. ItPaysToLearn
    ** RATING 10 **
    NOW PAYING!! New Paid To Answer Questions Program. At the start, every question which is attempted but answered incorrectly is worth one-tenth a cent. Each correct answer for a beginner question is worth $0.003, intermediate is worth $0.004, and advanced is worth $0.005. Earn way more cash by referring others. There are 10 levels of referrals!!! You receive $0.001 of a cent every time each one in the 10-generation referral network completes a quiz or other challenge, even if they got all the answers wrong. $0.001 is also paid for every sponsor website visit by every network member. Internationally Available. Pays in $US dollars. Please use AAA157 as your referral person.  Thank You.

  2. AdSenger
    ** RATING = 10 **
    AdSender pays you for viewing commercials and to read instant Ad messages. Receive between $0.25-$10 per ad you view. Commercials and Instant Ad Messages are received via their AdSenger software. Truly enjoyable experience watching these paid ads. Total of 5 referral levels. Receive 20% of your direct referrals revenue and 10% for 4 more levels of referrals. This program looks very good, so get in early! Internationally Available. Please use webcasher as your referral. Thank You!

  3. CashSpace
    ** RATING 8.0 **
    There is no limit to the amount of money you can make. Unlimited referral levels. Receive 5 to 10,000 ad points just for playing games. Received email and earn 5 to 10 ad points. No info on points conversion yet. Every time the bar is active you earn ad points. You are paid every month based on the number of ad points you accumulate for that month. Internationally Available. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

  4. CashRadio
    ** RATING 7.0 **
    New program like RadioFreeCash. There are 5 levels of referrals. They pay you $0.25 per hour for up to 80 hours of listening to your favorite music. The referral structure is as follows: Direct referrals $0.05 per hour and $0.025 for the 2nd through the 5th referral levels. Excellent looking format and definitely a good one. These are so simply since you only have to listen to the radio. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

  5. Zden -- 1000 Referral Levels
    ** RATING 9 **
    Extremely new concept that is very interesting and has a huge potential. Receive 100 Bonus Zees for signing up. In addition, earn 1000 bonus Zees for each direct referral, (1000/2) for 2nd level referrals, (1000/3) for 3rd level, and so on for 1000 referral levels!! Plus, you get 2.5% of the revenue generated by your direct referral, 1.25% for 2 level referral, 0.5% for 3rd, and 0.1% for referrals down to the 1000th level. This company provides you 500 megs of web storage, so that you will be able to sell files. $1 = 1000 Zees. If you are one of the first 300,000 members you are a Zfounder. Internationally Available. COMPLETE THE SIGNUP PROCESS BEFORE REFERRING OTHERS. In the very early stages!!! Please use 785 as your referral person.  Thank You.

 Additional Misc. Get Paid Programs: (Suggest pursuit of above programs first)

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