Get Paid Games & Contests

Many programs on the web now pay you to play games and enter contests. The basic strategy behind these programs is to refer new members and you all "Win." For instance, you refer new members to the program and whatever your referral wins, you win. Other programs allow you to earn cash for every game your referral completes. There are even a couple programs that just give you additional contest entries for referring new members. This latter scheme is not very attractive, but as won me $100. The last thing you want to do is discount the excellent potential of these programs. Plus, that could be better than playing games on the net, generating surf time for your other paid programs, and winning great prizes? Not much! Have some fun and get paid for it.

 Get Paid Games & Contest Programs:
  1. JackPot - Paid To Spin The Wheel
    ** RATING = 10 **
    NOW PAYING!!  New program where your referrals win, you win (looks great!). Jackpot has developed a Web-based slot machine guaranteed to pay out over $2 million in cash and prizes every month. They also pay you for your referrals. When your friends win cash or merchandise, they give you the exact same prize. Please use 000-0821 as your referral. Thank You!

  2. Tombola
    ** RATING = 8 **
    Login each day and play free games of chance. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Play today and see if your a winner. Refer your friends and win the exact prize they receive.

Additional Paid To Play Programs: