Paid Points Equals Cash Programs

     Many companies now have programs which pay with points or credits initially and these are then redeemed for cash, products, or services. They also track member's activities with points, sum the total number of points generated, and then divide by their website revenues by these point to set a monthly pay rate. This works well for both parties. These type of programs typically allow for large paybacks and greater returns. For instance, a company would be more willing to give you a new digital camera for 12,000 points than $40. Coming up with cold hard cash is a difficult task for any company that is growing. You definitely don't want to discount these programs. Enjoy going point crazy.

Paid Points<=>Cash Programs Listed Here
MileSource TrocaMania
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 Get Paid in Points <=> Cash Programs:
  1. MileSource
    ** RATING = 10 **
    I just couldn't resist getting free plane tickets to fly around the world. I love to travel, especially for free. This website is completely legit and I think it's a great deal. Obviously it's not hard cash (except gift certificates), but you can click on site links to plan for a vacation. How much sweeter can it get? You receive 1,000 miles for signing up. In addition, you receive 10% of your direct referral's miles and 5% of 3 levels of indirect referrals. Earn miles through clicking on links, receiving emails, referring people and you can shop. US and Canada only. Please use my referral ID webcash when signing up. Thank You!

  2. TrocaMania Paid Points <=> Cash
    ** RATING = 10 **
    TrocaMania is a new point earning web site. Receive points for taking surveys, surfing web sites, telling friends, banking, and shopping. It's available internationally. Earn 25 trocas for signing up and 50 more for filling out your profile. Earn 75 trocas per direct referral and 40 more for 4 levels of indirect referrals. Points are redeemed for merchandise for hundreds of sites. Redemption starts at 1250 Trocas for $15 Gift Certificates. MAKE SURE YOU ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT!! NO POINTS RECEIVED UNTIL YOUR ACTIVATED. Please use as your referral person's email when registering. Thank You!

 Additional Paid Points <=> Cash Programs: