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     Taking surveys is so easy and requires very little time. What I personally like about survey programs is you can choose when you want to take one. In essence, you decide how much money you will make and when. The companies listed below either require your personal opinion or ask you specific questions about your preferences. I've never had real personal questions, just general habits. Good luck and happy money making.

  Get Paid To Take Surveys List:

  1. SurveySavvy
    ** Rating 10 **
    SurveySavvy is a newly released paid survey program launched by Luth Research, the parent company. SurveySavvy provides 3 excellent referral levels. You receive $3.00 for every survey you complete (1st level), $2.00 for every survey your friend completes (2nd level), and $1.00 for every survey your friend's friend completes (3rd level). Luth Research gathers people's opinions for worldwide market research. They ask consumers like you what you want or don't want, or like or dislike, in the products and services you use everyday. The online surveys are very easy to complete. Internationally available.  Thank You.

  2. iCameo
    ** Rating 9 **
    NOW PAYING!! Earn as much as $1 per minute for completing surveys online or via email. Receive 5% of earns for your direct referrals and 1% for your indirect referrals.

  3. NavBuddy Paid Survey
    ** Rating 10 **
    Earn up to $5 per survey and up to $50 for focus groups. In addition, receive 15% from your direct referrals and 5% from you 2nd and 3rd levels referrals. NO banners or viewbars needed, just your opinion. There is also a paid to surf option. Receive 100 BuddyPoints for each direct referral and 10 Buddypoints per 10 minutes of surfing. These Buddypoints are then entered into a weekly and monthly drawing for great prizes. NavBuddy offers several great ways to make money and the site looks great. Register today and start making easy money. US only. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

Additional Paid Survey Programs:

  • None

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