Get Paid To Click Links!!

     There are several internet companies that now pay us for selectively clicking on advertising.  As net-surfers we click on links and banners everyday.  Therefore, getting paid for clicking on ads has a really attractive nature to it because we pick and choose when and what we will view.  Why not get paid for it? A banner is offered to us and if we click on it we get paid.  Sounds simple because it is that simple.  All of these companies are trusted and used daily by myself.  I hope you like them.  Happy Clicking!

 Get Paid To Click List:
  1. AdSenger
    ** RATING = 10 **
    AdSender pays you for viewing commercials and to read instant Ad messages. Receive between $0.25-$10 per ad you view. Commercials and Instant Ad Messages are received via their AdSenger software. Truly enjoyable experience watching these paid ads. Total of 5 referral levels. Receive 20% of your direct referrals revenue and 10% for 4 more levels of referrals. This program looks very good, so get in early! Minimum payout level is $20. Internationally Available. Please use webcasher as your referral. Thank You!

  2. CashMap
    ** RATING = 9 **
    NOW PAYING & CHECKS SENT!!  CashMap provides you with 3 levels of referrals while paying you 10% of the earn credits generated by your referrals.  Earn points by visiting sites and taking advantage of free offers. Each 100 points is converted into 1 Map Dollar. 20 Map Dollars is worth $20 in cash.   Please use fountain when registering. Thank You!

  3. AhMoola Multi-Pay ($5 for Signing Up!!)
    ** RATING = 10.0 **
    Receive $5 simply for joining for FREE!! ahMoola pays surfers and webmasters BIG rewards for using the ahMoola Network; surfing, earning, marketing and referring friends. Earn $0.10 for each email you read and $0.01 for every email your referrals read. In addition, receive up to $5 per free offer, $0.06 per new referral, and $20 per advertiser referral. Great program with no downloads. A minimum account balance of $25 must be reached before payment. Internationally available. Please use 6520 as your referral person.  Thank You.

  4. Adcentive Paid To Click
    ** RATING = 8 **
    New paid to click program which is extremely new. They are still making banners and the site isn't totally completed yet. However, we can sign up right now and build our donwline. You will not receive a confirmation email, but that is OK. They reward you for each visit you make to a sponsor's site from their ad click page. Receive 100 points for each click through (up to 20 clicks a day) plus 10 points for your referrals' clicks down 3 levels. These points can be redeemed for cash at a conversion rate that will be determined monthly based on 70% of ad revenue generated by members' clicks. There's also an incentive for webpage owners. They have a banner exchange program where you get paid for every impression on your webpage. This portion of the program also has referral levels. Internationally Available. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

 Other Paid To Click Programs: