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Making money reading emails is an excellent opportunity to get paid from doing something you enjoy, receiving and reading emails. The basic concept behind these offers is simply. The website solicits your registration to build a huge membership base. With these large membership numbers they, the "money for email" website owners, offer a giant advertising population to interested advertisers. Obviously there is a healthy fee associated with this email advertising. So as an incentive for net-surfers to sign up they offer to pay "us" a percentage of the money they earn from advertisers. Each company offers a slightly different payment plan, but they all produce good revenues for you and me when we take advantage of their referral program.

The referral programs are typically as follows: (1) Refer a friend, family member, or co-worker and receive 1/5 of the money they earn by reading emails. (2) For each person referred by the people in (1) you also receive a portion of their earnings, only slightly smaller. (3) This referral structure then extends anywhere from 3 to 5 levels down. In one program I only have 50 direct referrals, but over a thousands referrals in my downline levels. This is a perfect example of why it is important to get in early and tell people who will get referrals under themselves.

I would like to point out that there are a few other less appealing "money for reading e-mail" programs. My objective has been to screen out these less desirable money making offers and deliver to you only the best. The "best" in payment plan and the "best" in potential for success.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion or questions you might have. If you are still not sure send me an email at and I will answer all questions the best that I can.

 Getting Paid to Read Email List:

  1. InboxDollars Paid Email
    ** RATING = 10 **
    Receive $.05 for each email you receive and $.02 for referrals. Your account needs only a $10.00 balance to be paid via PayPal, $30.00 for a check. Internationally available. Please use 1101 as your referral person.  Thank You.

  2. SendMoreInfo Paid Email
    ** RATING = 10 **
    NOW PAYING & EMAIL ADS SENT!!  SendMoreInfo will pay you 5 cents for every email you receive. They started allowing their advertisers to begin mailing in September. You earn cash 3 ways: 5 cents for every email you receive! 2 cents for every email your referral receives! 2 cents for every email your referral sends! Sign up and you will begin receiving email on September 1st. Refer others and you increase your earnings significantly. Please use my referral ID 569 when you sign up. Thank you for your support. View My Check

  3. Hits4Pay
    ** RATING = 9.3 **
    Receive $10 for registering!! Hits4Pay is a paid to read email program that looks sharp. Earn $0.02 for each email that you read and $0.01 for the email that your referrals' read. Give a little info, choose your interests, and your ready to start making money. US members paid by e-gold or check. International members paid by e-gold. Minimum payout requirement is $25. Internationally Available. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

  4. Cash-A-Day
    ** RATING = 9.1 **
    Excellent looking paid email program. Receive $2 for every direct referral!! Also earn $0.02 for 1st level referrals and $0.01 for 2nd level referrals. Furthermore, get paid to click links and signup for free offers. The minimum payout requirement is $30. Internationally Available. Please use 12667 as your referral person. Thank You!

  5. Amazing Solution Paid Email
    ** RATING = 9.1 **
    Amazing Solution Paid Email offers you the opportunity to get paid for reading email. Sign up, get your new email account or provide the email address where you would like to receive your paid email advertisements. It's free! It's fast! Earn $0.02 per moneycode returned and $0.05 for 4 levels of referrals. No limit. Payments begin when your account balance exceeds $20. Internationally available. Please use my referral ID GDG4413 when you sign up. Thank You and enjoy making lots of money!

  6. CashMoneyEmail ($10 for Signing Up)
    ** RATING = 8.7 **
    Wow! Receive $10 just for signing up. As a member of cashmoneyemail you will receive $0.02 for each email you read and $0.01 for each of your referrals' emails. Getting paid is as simple as clicking the paid email link and visiting the advertiser's website. Chooose up to 10 out of 52 areas of interest and get paid for it. Join today and start accumulating cash. NOTE: you must activate your account through the confirmation letter sent to you after registering. Minimum payout level is $15. Your paid by check or PayPal. Internationally available. nbsp; Thank You.

  7. 3-2-1 Mail
    ** RATING = 9.0 **
    3-2-1 Mail pays members $0.03 for each e-mail that they read and an additional $0.02 for your referrals' e-mails. In addition, receive a bonus reward of 10% of your referrals' signups and commissions on advertising packages sold. Signup offers range from $0.10 to $20 each. Minimum payout level is $25. Internationally available. Please use 1072 as your referral person.  Thank You.

  8. AllCommunity Get Paid To Email/Surf/Be Online
    ** RATING = 9.0 **
    NOW PAYING & EMAIL ADS SENT!!  Make money for reading e-mail, paid for shopping, and even a get paid to be on-line program.  I have to apologize now because I can't explain all of this to you here.  Just do what I did, click on "tell me more" and you will get all the info you need.  You don't have to buy anything. Signup is easy.  Remember referring others will increase your earnings significantly. Internationally Available. Please use my referral ID fountain when you sign up. Thank you. View My Check

  9. OneDollarEmail
    New paid to read email program. Receive payments for reading emails and visiting sites. Earn $0.50 to $0.05 for every paid e-mail you receive. In additon, earn $0.01 for every e-mail your first level referrals read and $0.005 for every e-mail your second level referrals read. Furthermore, receive $0.10 to $0.015 for visiting web sites with bonuses available also. NOTE: you must activate your account through the confirmation letter sent to you after registering. Minimum payout level is $17 using PayPal. Internationally available. Please use 2059 as your referral person.  Thank You.

  10. DollarsByEmail
    Here's a program designed by Create-A-Click who have proved to be an excellent compnay. Join today and experience 5 levels of referrals paying you for reading emails. Receive 10% for level 1, 5% for level 2, 3% for level 3, 2% for level 4 and 1% for level 5 referrals. NOTE: you must activate your account through the confirmation letter sent to you after registering. No minimum payout level, but a $3 charge is deducted for each payment request. Payments are made through PayPal. Internationally available. nbsp; Thank You.

  11. zWallet Paid Email
    ** RATING = 8.7 **
    NOW PAYING!!   Brand new paid email program. It's a free email service provider that pays its members to use email. This different from most since you don't receive ads, just use your email account. Receive 40% revenues for yourself, 5% for direct referrals, and 2% of revenues for 4 levels of indirects. Estimates are $0.18 per email. The program is free to sign up and it takes just minutes. Internationally Available. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

 Other Paid To Email Programs:

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