Get Paid To Refer Programs

    Internet companies are always trying to get visitors to there websites.  Well, the companies listed below pay,  you and I, cash for referring new members to their sites. In addition, a majority of these companies not only pay us this flat fee for referring new members, but they are also "get paid" sites that provide revenue percentage incentives.  That means they pay you a particular fraction of your referral persons revenues.  Many of these programs provide combination incentive program.   Several others pay you a flat rate for referrals and that is it.  Sounds unattractive, but not when it is $5 per referral.   Happy Referring!

Get Paid To Refer List:

  1. InboxCash (Pays $10 per referral)
    ** RATING = 10 **
    Inboxcash pays you for email advertisements. Receive up to $10 for each email. Refer friends and receive another $10 for each friend. You choose how much an advertiser must pay to send you a message and the frequency of paid emails. Looks very good. Internationally available. Please use 165788 as your referral person.  Thank You.

  2. EnergyFlow (7 Levels)
    ** RATING = 9.5 **
    EnergyFlow is an excellent program! Similar to PayPal, members can send payments to anyone, anywhere in the world via postal mail (using money orders). In addition, members can send greeting cards, CD's, letters, money, etc. EnergyFlow does it all for next to nothing. The real show stopper is the referral program. Receive $2 for direct referrals, $1 for third level, $0.50 for fourth, $0.25 for fifth, $0.10 for sixth and $.05 for seventh level referrals. NOTE: Bonuses are credited when a referral sends their first piece of mail. Also, NO credit card is required to register. Internationally available. This is a great program and I hope you take advantage of the offer. Thank You.

  3. ProPay - $10 Per Referral
    ** RATING = 8 **
    This program is identical to PayPal where you receive $5 per referral. Your SSN number is required, but it is over a secure server which means you have nothing to worry about. You can send your cash right to your checking account once your ready to cash out. These type of internet accounts are very useful and many companies only pay members using this type of payment service. Heck, just get your free $10 and never use it again. This is a US only offer.

 Additional Paid To Refer Programs: