Get Paid To Shop the Web!!

    There are several internet companies that now pay us for shopping at their online stores.  It's important to remember that these offers don't require YOU to buy anything.  You simply register with the particular business and begin referring people you know.  Obviously, if you know a person that feels safe with buying over the internet then this would be an ideal person to refer.  Each program has a different referral payment program so make sure you look at that.  I personally purchase most of the things I need through these various programs.  Not only is the merchandise cheaper, but I also receive additional dividends or rebates for purchasing the product from their website.  No overhead always leads to lower prices.  All of these companies are trusted and used by myself so don't worry about being scammed.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Happy Shopping!

 Paid To Shop Programs Listed Here
BonusTree Spree
Get Paid Master List My Get Paid Checks

  Get Paid To Shop List:

  1. Spree
    ** Rating = 10 **
    Spree pays you cash back when you shop at stores like Toys R Us, JC Penny, etc. It also pays you 5 levels deep on referrals! 40% on personal referrals and 2% on the rest for life! Also includes a host of other extra benefits like free unlimited web hosting, special deals for members only, etc. Definitely a good looking program that can make you a good income. This is absolutely free!! Internationally available.

  2. GiantRewards Points Program
    ** Rating = 8 **
    NOW PAYING!!  Excellent New Paid Points Program!!! You can earn points towards merchandise by surfing their site, entering contests, referring others (directs and 3 levels of indirects), shopping and playing games. $5.00 (500 points) is placed into your account when you join, $1.00 (100 points) for directly referring others, $0.50 (50 points) for your indirect referrals, and $100 (10,000 points) chance to win daily up to 10,000 points for just logging in and playing a game. You can also earn an unlimited amount of points for responding to email advertisements and participating in community activities. Internationally available. Please use my referral ID 374 when signing up. Thank You!

  3. BonusTree Shop and Earn Stock
    ** Rating = 8 **
    Serious potential here. Over 600 stores that they are affiliates with and they offer us a lot. Lowest prices using their price comparison database, up to $2 per referral, up to 50% of the commission from purchases made by you and all your referrals, share in 20% of BonusTree cash proceeds from initial public offering (IPO), and share in 20% of BonusTree post-IPO quarterly profits. Please use my member ID 1688721 as your referral person. Thanks! I appreciate your time.