Get Paid To Surf II

Provided below are many sites that are great, but not in the top ten.  This in no way means they are not worth pursuing.  Many of these sites are doing very well for me and I use them after I finish surfing "The Best Programs."  I'm able to surf all of these programs and still make great money.  Honestly, you should begin by signing up for the "Highly Recommended" programs located at "Get Paid To Surf" and then start with these other great programs.  I do order these get paid sites with the best programs towards the top.  My personal feeling is you can find a lot of surf time when it pays you.  Especially when you can surf 5-8 programs at once. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do and happy money making to all.

Get Paid To Surf (II) Programs Listed Here
PayBar CashSpace CoolWallStreet
GoThruUs Vi-Direct BannerUnion
Aaruka ExtraSalary ZeroBoundaries

Get Paid To Surf (II) Programs:
  1. PayBar Get Paid To Surf
    ** RATING = 9.5 **
    NOW PAYING & DOWNLOAD IS AVAILABLE!!  Here's a great paid program that few people know about. They're already paying me with their PayBar. It shows ads using an extremely small viewbar. If you refer people they pay you even more. Receive $.40 for every 1000 ads you view. For every person you directly refer, receive $.10 for every 1000 ads they view, and for every person your referral refers, up to four levels deep, you will receive $.05 for every 1000 ads they view. Please use the referral link I've provided above when registering. Internationally Available. Thank You!

  2. QuickNewsBar
    ** RATING = 9.5 **
    The QuickNews Bar delivers instant news to your very own Bar. For direct, second and third generation referrals you receive $0.50, $0.25 and $0.15 respectively. NOTE: You only receive the payments for referring a new member and not your referral's activities. Redemption of all of your credits, i.e., your transferred credits plus the credits you earn in the new program, can be redeemed when you accumulate more than 2,500 points. The rate is 1 point = 1 cent. Payouts are made when your account balance reaches $30. US and Canada only. Please use webcash as your referral person when registering. Thank You!

  3. ViDirect Paid to Surf
    ** RATING = 9.5 **
    DOWNLOAD VIEWBAR TODAY!! Get paid to surf the web with the Vi-DirectBar. Receive $0.40-$0.80 per hour and have a 4 level referral system with 4%, 3%, 2%, 1% of commissions and without any limitations. They not only pay for each minute of surfing, but they pay for surfing into promoted sites. Earn additional money if you make purchases on promoted sites. Finally, they pay you a premium if you register on promoted sites, even if registration is free-of-charge. You can earn money without any limitations. It is absolutely free to join. Internationally Available. Please use webcash as your referral person.  Thank You.

  4. Aaruka Paid To Surf
    ** RATING = 9.0 **
    Great looking paid to surf program. They provide 4 levels and a small ad bar in the corner of your screen. Receive $0.50/hour for personal use, $0.10/hour 2nd level, and $0.05/hour for 3rd level referrals. US & Canada Only. Other countries will follow. Please use 10142 as your referral. Thank You!

  5. Go Thru Us Paid Program
    ** RATING = 9 **
    Get paid to surf, view ads, visit sites, take surveys, shop, registering for free services, and even for receiving email. GoThruUs shares up to 50% of revenues with members. In addition, receive $1 per direct referral. The payout structure is quite nice. Get paid from 5 levels of referrals and the payment per action breaks down the following way: Banner Ads 40%, Full-Screen Ads 20%, Clickthrus 50%, Site participation 40%, Sales 40%, and Opt-in mail 50%. You receive 1 point per action taken by your referrals and more points for your personal use. These points are converted into a cash value at the end of the month. This site looks too darn good to let pass.  US and Canada only. Please use my referral ID fountain when signing up. Thank You.

  6. CashSpace
    ** RATING = 8.5 **
    A new "get paid to surf" program where you don't have to use it at all to get paid for your downline's usage! There is no limit to the amount of money you can make. 5 to 10,000 ad points just for playing games. Received email and earn 5 to 10 ad points. (No info on how many points to a dollar yet.) Every time the bar is active you earn ad points. You are paid every month based on the number of ad points you accumulate for that month. Should be available for download shortly. All international members are welcome and no age requirement. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

  7. CollWallStreet
    ** RATING = 8 **
    Get paid to surf the web and you can invest the money through the CWS Investment Club. Each week all the members will be allowed to vote, make suggestions and even write articles addressing the Club as a whole. At the end of each week the votes will be counted and the Companies with the highest percentage will be bought. You earn a greater percentage of the club's portfolio when you not only for the time you spend using our StreetTicker but for the time the people you refer use it too. You can have an unlimited amount of money invested each month by telling your friends. Receive $0.25 per hour for personally use. Receive $0.05 for direct and $0.03 for indirect referrals surf hours. Unlimited surfing hours. Each month you will have the choice of receiving a check for the amount you earn or having it invested with the Club. Looks very interesting. US only. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

  8. Extra Salary International Get Paid To Surf
    ** RATING = 6.5 **
    Here's a new "Get Paid" that's accommodating ALL world citizens. (Open To All World Citizens) The site is offered in 5 different languages. You get paid to surf and to read emails. The referral program extends 5 levels. They pay $0.50 for your time online per hour, US$ 0.10 for every hour your 1st level of referral members will be on-line having the Extra$alaryTM banner activated. Moreover Extra$alary will pay you US$ 0.05 for every hour spent on-line by your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th level of referrals with the Extra$alary bar activated. There is no limit to the number of persons forming each level, the only limit is the maximum limit of 40 hours/month for every member in each level. Don't pass this up! Thank You.

  9. ZeroBoundaries Paid To Surf
    ** RATING = 7 **
    Excellent new paid to surf program with 6 levels of referrals. You receive $0.50 per hour for surfing with the ZeroBar. You also receive $0.10 per hour for your direct referrals and $0.05 per hour for all 5 remaining indirect referral levels. No limit on referrals. Internationally Available. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

  10. BannerUnion
    Get paid to surf with no download required. BannerUnion pays members 40% of their revenues. So, if they get paid $5 you receive $2. If you refer others, you will make 10% for 1st level, 5% for 2nd level and 3% for 3rd level. Getting paid requires a $20 minimum balance for US members and $50 for international members. Payments are in US currency. Internationally Available. Please use 100393 as your referral person.  Thank You.

 Additional Paid To Surf Programs: