Get Paid To Surf the Web!!

The basic concept behind these "get paid to surf" offers is the "captive audience."   Companies looking to advertise their product to a huge audience pay these internet companies X amount of dollars to place their advertising banner in the viewbar rotation. These "get paid to surf" internet companies (Jotter, ValuePay, AllCommunity, GoToWorld, etc.) build a large audience base and keep the audience captive by paying us X amount of dollars/hour for having these ads displayed. The money paid to us comes from the revenue they generate from their banner advertising. If I've confused you just read the FAQ's at any of these sites and it will all make sense. 

The other major sector of these type of money making programs is the "
money for e-mail" offers. AllCommunity and TotaleMail have one significant difference from the 4 offers mentioned above. These companies pay you money for each e-mail you receive (read) and additional income can be earned based on how much income your "referrals" generate. I've signed up for all of these "get paid to surf" and "money for email" offers and have no complaints at all. What I do is sign up for all of these "get paid" programs and just cancel my membership if I'm not happy with them. Trust me, I haven't cancelled a single one. I recommend you do the same and then try to build your referral network. I just love getting my monthly internet service paid for and some extra cash in my pocket. It definitely helps pay for my school books and at the end of the semester when cash is low.

I mentioned the referral network because this is the key. Sign up now to maximize the size of your referral network. Waiting just a week could lower your money making potential significantly, so I suggest you take advantage of these offers NOW. Begin by referring all of your friends, family, and colleagues. The more referrals you get the more money you make. Note: I don't have to refer anyone, but this also means you will only make about $20 a month/program. It's simple, it's free (no hidden fees or charges), and on average signup requires about two minutes. I feel that instead of trying to candy coat this I would be honest. I hope you appreciate it and use my reference code when you decide to make money for yourself. I receive no money for signing you up. I make money when YOU start making money.

The programs list below are all well established and a majority are sending out monthly checks.  These sites have been isolated from the rest because in my opinion they are the BEST.  For other exceptional "get paid" visit  Paid To Surf II or Misc Get Paids.

 Get Paid To Surf List:

  1. CashSurfers Get Paid Program
    ** RATING = 10 **
    VIEWBAR IS RELEASED & CHECKS SENT!!  Launched just a month ago, they are already sending out checks. CashSurfers allows you to earn cash several ways. Like Spedia, points are easily earned and then converted into cash. You can earn points surfing the internet (unlimited surfing), filling out surveys, playing online games, using their Free email and home pages, visiting websites, and referring other new members. With this many money making opportunities I don't see how we could lose. Current rates are over $0.50/hour and you can surf for an unlimited number of hours. In addition, point values are now doubled. I can't say enough about this program. Internationally Available. Please use my referral ID fountain when signing up. Thank You!  View My Check

  2. PaidForSurf
    ** RATING = 10 **
    VIEWBAR IS RELEASED & CHECKS SENT!!  PaidForSurf is paying out 50% of their revenues to its members. Receive $0.40 per hour for your surfing, $.10/hour your direct referrals surf and an additional $0.05/hour for 4 levels of indirect referrals. This program has already started and I'm using the viewbar already. This program is a real firecracker for referral generation. Internationally Available. Please use webcash as your referral person. Thank You!  View My Check

  3. ClickDough
    ** RATING = 10 **
    NOW PAYING, SOFTWARE IS RELEASED, & CHECKS SENT!!  Get paid to surf without downloading a viewbar!! Just login and open your tiny personal pop-up window and get paid for it. Receive 50% of their earnings for the ads you view, 20% for your direct referrals, 10% for indirect referrals and 5% for your referrals down to level 8. Yes, a total of 8 referral levels!! Internationally Available. Please use my referral ID thewebcash when signing up. Thank You!

  4. Spedia Unlimited Get Paid To Surf
    ** RATING = 9.6 **
    NOW PAYING, SOFTWARE IS RELEASED, & CHECKS SENT!!  Spedia offers excellent ways to make cash on the web using an unlimited surf viewbar, paid email, and you can earn credits by trying out websites.  As of June 1st Spedia established a 4 level deep referral structure (10% - 5% - 5% - 5%). This is excellent compared to the previous 1 referral level. Heck, register today and you can make up to $100 by taking advantage of their many instant cash bonuses. They have also launched a pay-per-click program, where you can earn $0.03 per click. Finally, if you surf more than 40 hours a month or register for more than 10 free offers you will be paid $0.70/hour. Please use my member ID 100729 as your reference. Thank You!  View My Check

  5. CashFiesta
    ** RATING = 9.5 **
    NOW PAYING & SURFBAR IS RELEASED!!  CashFiesta is of the shared revenue type program. No hourly limits, No referral limits and currently paying 5 referral levels. You receive $0.40, 1st level $0.20, 2nd $0.10, 3rd-5th $0.05. Get paid for surfing, play games, email send AND receive, signing up for free offers, and referring others. Please use thewebcash as your referral. Thank You!

  6. WebBullion Get Paid For Everything
    ** RATING = 9.5 **
    NOW PAYING, SOFTWARE IS RELEASED, & CHECKS SENT!!  New get paid for doing anything online. Receive 50% from direct referrals, 20% for 2nd level referrals, and 10% for referral levels 3-5. The viewbar is extremely small and can be moved to anywhere on the screen. You get 10 points for each banner view and 1000 points for each click when you are in the "special mode" (more details on the company web site). At the end of the month, they count all of the points in the system and divide the money by the number of points. Just like Cashsurfers does. Available in US, Canada, and Mexico only. (Enter all 1's or 0's for SSN) Please use as your referral. Thank You! View My Check

  7. Aaruka Paid To Surf
    ** RATING = 9.0 **
    Great looking paid to surf program. They provide 4 levels and a small ad bar in the corner of your screen. Receive $0.50/hour for personal use, $0.10/hour 2nd level, and $0.05/hour for 3rd level referrals. US & Canada Only. Other countries will follow. Please use 10142 as your referral. Thank You!

  8. CashSpace
    ** RATING = 8.5 **
    A new "get paid to surf" program where you don't have to use it at all to get paid for your downline's usage! There is no limit to the amount of money you can make. 5 to 10,000 ad points just for playing games. Received email and earn 5 to 10 ad points. (No info on how many points to a dollar yet.) Every time the bar is active you earn ad points. You are paid every month based on the number of ad points you accumulate for that month. Should be available for download shortly. All international members are welcome and no age requirement. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

 Additional Paid To Surf Programs: