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NOTE: When referring doesn't apply, please click/visit my banners, thanks. Free offers are listed by date, newest to the oldest. Please check out the whole list, older doesn't mean you can't still get free stocks. An offer 2 weeks old might already be number 15 on the list. Stock offers that ended will be removed from this list.

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  1. New as of 11/17/00!! Vsen Virtual Stock Game
    Vsen is currently giving away 10% its company's shares to players. VSEN will give away shares from August 25 2000 to June 25 2001. Free shares are earn through a 3 level referal system. When you signup, you receive 5000 shares. For each player you refer, you receive an additional 2000 shares. When the player you refer refers someone, you receive 1000 units, and finally, each player on your 3rd level that joins, you receive 500 units. On June 25, 2001, the total units we gave away will be tallied to determine the number of Vsen's share you're eligible for. While this referral program is running you may also play their virtual stock trading game and eran yourself several hundred dollars. Internationally available Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

  2. New as of 5/20!! NetPoolOne
    You can get 3000 SHARES OF STOCK FREE plus 500 shares of Free Stock for each personally sponsored member. There are 5 referral levels! This is a new PTS program from Germany, but it's International. All World citizens are welcome. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

  3. New as of 4/23!! All-Play-College Free Stock Offer
    All Play College is giving out free shares of its stock before it goes public. You get 1 share for signing up and 3 shares for each referral who signs up. Also, if you accrue over 100 shares by the time they go public you can choose to get the stock or just get $10 for each share (that's over $1000 for 31 referrals). If you have more than 100 shares, you will be offered that number of shares or $10 per share up to $10,000, and the balance in shares. There are 2 referral levels. APC will go public in August, or when they reach their 100,000th member. Please use webcash as your referral. Thank You!

  4. New as of 4/17!! MoneyMessage
    Your Instant Messenger will earn you money!!! You must have an Instant Messaging account (AOL, Yahoo, or ICQ) before you join. Just download it in seconds and your ready to make money. Sign up, receive ads, get paid it is that simple. Recieve $0.10 to $2 per message. 3 levels of referrals with the minimum & maximum payout per message being:   You $0.10 -> $2.00, Direct Referrals $0.05 -> $1.00, Extended Referrals (1) $0.03 -> $0.30, and Extended Referrals (2) $0.03 -> $0.30. Not only are they giving you cash to receive Instant Messages, they are also making you eligible to receive shares of stock (for a limited time) if and when we go public (IPO). Ten lucky finalist will receive 1,000 shares of stock. You will be entered into the contest upon signing up and will receive an additional entry for every person you refer. Great new concept, very profitable and easy to use. Internationally Available. Please use I51916610 as your referral. Thank You!

  5. MyAd Paid To Surf & Free Stocks
    Received an email from the owner. Get Paid To Use Your Mobile Phone, Get Paid To Surf, and Get Free Shares on Company Stock. Receive up to a dollar per hour surfing, $0.25 per hour for your first level of referrals, and $0.10 for your indirect referrals. The program is starting in the summer of 2000. This gives you a chance to build your network early. Please use my referral ID webcash when signing up. Thank You!

  6. eDeal Auctions IPO Stock Offer
    Finally, another company offering a legitimate (semi) free stock offer. edeal will issue ipoints to each registered member who buys or sells on the site, as well as to each registered member who brings new users to the site. These ipoints will give you the opportunity to be part of the IPO "President's List". If and when edeal decides to proceed with an IPO, those members will have the opportunity to buy shares of edeal at the IPO price. Receive 100 ipoints just for signing up and an additional 50 points for each new member you refer. Please copy and paste my referral ID 1307878 when you register. Thank You!

  7. LetsShareIt.Ltd
    LetsShareIt.Ltd wants to build an internet community of 100 million members. At the present time they have no business concept and they are solicting ideas from it's registering members. Register today and receive 100 shares of LetsShareIt stock. For every business idea you submit you will receive 100 additional shares. Refer your friends and receive 10 more shares. Please use as your referrer. Thanks!

  8. Totalise
    Totalise will give people 50 shares for registering plus up tp 50 shares for using their free email account. In addition to this, for each referral you receive 10 shares. Refer 10 people and get a bonus of 150 shares. Please use as your referral.

  9. BlueCarrots
    BlueCarrots is an internet service provider where it's members own 80%. To become a shareholder all you have to do is sign up and make Blue Carrots your chosen supplier of internet services. NOTE: This is for residents in either England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland only. I thank you.

  10. MyISP
    Here's a new, interesting company. MyISP is offering free Internet Service. They are also giving away free shares. Plans are to launch in October. By registering you will receive your free "units" of stock and a notification email for their launch. When you register your email you will be awarded "units" of company shares. Honestly, I don't beleive they ever intend to giveaway free shares. They tell you to refer others for bonus shares, right? Problem is there is nothing in the URL or on their sign up page to give you the proper referral credit. If you are looking for free shares on this one you might want to forget it, but I am really interested in the FREE Internet Service so I registered. Thanks!

  11. DoctorSurf
    Important issues were resolved and now DoctorSurf is resuming its free stock offering of 25 million shares of its common stock through its web site. They are also offering 100 shares of common stock at no cost to website member physicians. You must provide your State License #, DEA # and schooling to register. Good Luck.

  12. VelNet UK Offer
    Finally a new stock offer. Unfortunately, it's OPEN TO UK RESIDENTS ONLY. You can earn up to 340 extra shares by referring friends. You earn 13 shares per person who register as a result of your referral. You will receive a bonus of 170 shares when the tenth friend register and an additional 40 shares if a 12th friend registers. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, but this offer closes on the 30th June 2000.

  13. SingTech
    Receive your initial issue of five (5) shares of Singularity Technologies, Inc. They require you to e-mail them to get the registration form and they will send you an e-mail in return. Once at the sign up form you will need to place something in the box for your SSN. DO NOT PUT YOUR SSN IN THE BOX!! You can make up any number ID that's has a "F" followed by 8 to 10 digits. Please use my referral ID F123456789 when you register. Thank You!

  14. AAAFN
    NOT OPEN TO US RESIDENTS. Recieve 3 free shares for registering with this site. It asks for your SSN, but you do not have to release that info. The company is not extremely attractive and really don't have a income except shareholder traffic. Check it out and see what you think.

  15. TheMutual.Net
    TheMutual is offering 10,000 "units" to the 1st 10,000 members, 1000 "units" to the next 500,000 members, etc. These "units" may be converted into shares on a one for one basis. Free Email, free internet access, and free real time quotes are also provided. This offer is ONLY applicable to UK residents. Thank you for your visit.

  16. TechnoMax
    TechnoMax is not a "free stock" giveaway like other Free Stocks sites report. If these others would have read TechnoMax's page they would know that: (1) The "share" giveaway ended on May 30th, 1999, (2) TechnoMax is offering a "share" in the download and installation of software, (3) by downloading their software you earn the option of buying TechnoMax shares (if they IPO) at $60 for 140 shares and (4) you are required to pay $12.50 (postage and handling) to receive 100 shares which are worth nothing. Please appreciate that I actually read and investigate each "free shares" offer.

  17. Investment Hotline Online
    Win 500 free shares of tradable stocks. Click on "freestock" to enter the contest.

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