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When word of mouth and search engine placement is just not enough, you must turn to alternate strategies for building your referral network. You will find many Tips, Techniques, and Tools below which will allow you to improve your money making potential and earn you those much desired referral credits.

 Free Referral Generation Sites:

    PaidMania is awesome!!! Not only do they PAY you to visit web pages, but they also help increase your income from all getpaid programs - they are a paid to click program, paid to have a start page rotator, an affiliate program, and getpaid downline club, all in one! The paid start page rotator is worth signing up for by itself. I hope you don't pass this program up. It is completely unique and internationally available. I'm already a platinum member and I suggest you check that out. It's worth it to me. Register right now and experience the benefits.
    Easy to use and bonus referrals given through random click-throughs. You will get referrals from this program.
    Refer Central
    They say they actually MULTIPLY referrals for you! There are 4 levels. You get 60% of referrals for first level, 40% 2nd level and 10% for the 3rd and 4th levels. If you need referrals, here is the answer.
    Very good program Completely free promotion website. Takes only minutes to get up and running.
    Many programs to promote, free sign up, and many levels of referrals.
    Generate referrals with very little time involved.

 Surfing Tips:

 Free Traffic Generation:

    $15 FREE for joining! BannerGoMLM has got to be the best banner exchange program ever. You not only get a full ONE to ONE exchange on visitors to your own site, you'll also get 10% of all impressions generated by anyone who joins "through" you. Get this, there are 5 referral levels! You have never seen this with any other exchange program. In addition, you can select your target traffic. This is very effective in bringing quality visitors.
    One of the best. Free webpage and a submission to 28,000+ FFA boards. Generates several hits a day for this site.
    Surf the web and drive traffic to your site. In addition, you will receive multiple chances to win great prizes and merchandise for each hour you surf with their SkeBox. If a referral wins, you win. The SkeBox will be released for download at 10,000 members. Currently, 1000 Skenotes is equal to fifty (50) U.S. cents. The purchase value for 1000 Skenotes will be equal to one (1) U.S. dollar. They also plan to launch a paid email option. This looks very interesting and quite appealing. Please, have a look. Internationally available.
    Receive free traffic for setting your start page to a personal NoMoreHits link. Earn 10% of all the credits generated by every new member in your downline (5 referral levels), 10% of all the money that's being made by people who buy web site traffic and are located in your downline, and 10% of all the credits bought by these same people in your downline. For example, when they buy 10,000 credits, you will get 1000 credits transferred into your account. Receive 50 credits just for registering.
    Earn free traffic in SO many ways!! Refer friends (100 credits/referral), visit sites, write reviews (100 credits/review), and surf their directory. This is a must have for webmaster who want to generate cheap traffic. Register today and find out just how good a free traffic generator can be. You receive 200 credits just for registering.
    Linkwars is the ultimate resource and traffic program for webmasters, entrepreneurs and other like minded people. You do not have to have a website to get traffic. All you have to do when you sign up is to submit any URL you want to promote, and other users will be taken to that page. You receive 50 visit credits per referral.
    Get 20% of your downline credits for 5 levels! Display your banner on your downline's sites! Get linked to THOUSANDS of sites instantly! A FREE Monster Submission from AAA1Biz! Get credits for visitors that LEAVE your site! Free Sign Up!
    Very good program! Get your banner permanently displayed on hundreds, thousands or even millions of web pages, with millions or tens of millions of page views!
    VirtuAds 1for1 X-change
    Excellent new banner exchange program. Now until August 15, 2000 they will reward members of the X-Change with 250 free banner impressions for each referral that is approved for the VirtuAds X-Change. If you sign up before August 15, you will receive their 1 for 1 banner ratio as long as your account is active. After August 15, the ratio will be 2 for 1.
    1for1 Banner Exchange
    This has got to be one the best banner exchange programs ever. 4 referral levels, $0.15 per banner click, and your receive 1 banner impression for each banner impression you give. Highly recommended program.
    A 3:2 banner exchange ratio. Get 1000 free banners impressions for signing up. Win 25,000 FREE banner credits. One winner every month till July 1st, 2000.
    Clicks For Hits
    Want some major traffic? Click for Hits is a service that guarantees to deliver one visitor to your site for every credit you earn. Earn 1 credit for each other member's site you visit. Also, earn credits when you tell others (you get 1 credit after your referral earns 10 credits!). THERE ARE NO BANNER REQUIREMENTS!! You also get real-time stats.
    Hit Trafficker
    Really like this one.
    Traffic Increaser
    Click on "Start Here. It's FREE!" Simply fill out the 2 minute form and receive guaranteed targeted traffic to your site.
    Nice banner exchange program. Simply use a text link if you don't have a banner. Receive 2 click-throughs for every 1 unique banner click and 10 click-throughs for every referral.
    I Love Clicks
    You can refer others to the iLoveClicks Network and receive 3 credits for every direct referral and 1 credit for every level 2 and level 3 referral!

 URL Submisson:

 Free Webspace:

    Delphi Forums
    Create your own "Get Paid To Surf" or "Internet Money Making" forum. It's free and easy to set up.
    Free Servers
    Receive 20Mb's of webspace for free and choose your own domain name.

More to Come!!

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