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    Welcome to The WebCash Generator - A Get Paid To Surf and Free Money Making Supersite. You have just discovered the most comprehensive Free Money, Affiliate Programs, and Get Paid to [Surf, Search, Shop, Click, Read Email, Take Surveys, Play Games, Refer] Supersite on the internet.  I guarantee you'll find everything right here so PLEASE BOOKMARK NOW! [Press (CRTL) + (D)] and join our "New Updates and Instant Notification" Newsletter.

    Working for more than a year now I have compiled hundreds of get paid and free money making programs offered over the internet.  It's this experience that allows me to provide you with the newest and highest quality offers currently available on the web.  You'll find that The WebCash Generator is tailored to providing programs designed to make money for YOU, the websurfer. There are no hidden agendas here, just my honest opinions and descriptions of these free money making opportunities. I believe so strongly in the legitimacy and marketing strategy of these "get paid to..." offers that I've created this forum for everyone to use.  Every visitor wins here and you can never lose anything except an opportunity. Obviously, this loss in opportunity will only occur when you don't take advantage of these simple and free money programs. I personally earn over $2000 a month, which really helps paying my bills. Don't believe, see just a fraction of my checks.

    As you will see I have the most complete and up-to-date lists of get paid and free money making programs on the web. All of my content is original and to the best of my knowledge complete fact. If you are new to these free money making programs or a seasoned veteran you will quickly find that making easy money if fun and rewarding. Your never obligated to buy anything and you can always cancel your free membership if your not happy with a particular program.

    So, what else do I provide you? If a company looks like a scam or just plain cheesy, you will be told about it.  My descriptions and investigations into these various companies are complete.  I read the fine print so you don't have to.  In return, I ask that you use me as your referral person when you choose to sign up.  I've followed these free stocks and get paid programs since their inductance.  I know how they work, I know what doesn't work, and I know my visitors don't want to be scammed.  My track record speaks for itself. I've predicted over 99% of the companies that were not legit and only looking to take advantage of fellow net-surfers. Hey friends, I don't like to be scammed and I know that is not where your interest lies. Simply said, "If you don't make money, then I don't make money." My success is based on YOUR success because we become a team when you use me as your referral person. That is important to remember and don't hesitate to contact me for questions.

    I hope you enjoy my Free Money and Get Paid To...[Surf, Search, Shop, Click, Read Email, Take Surveys, Play Games, Refer] Supersite.  Please visit often since I frequently update (typically daily) all programs to remain current and complete. In addition, if you have a website feel free to provide a link to The WebCash Generator. Well, are you ready to see more?  Start by checking out the Paid to Read Email page, but don't forget to check out all the internet companies who are currently sending out Real Checks.

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